Are you interested in programming in Clojure?

I have one opening for someone interested in programming in the clojure language. Experience in programming in clojure is not as important as showing skills to solve problems, self efficacy and work well in an agile environment. You would be working on software as a service designs, creating a new suite of apps designed to penetrate a marketplace that desperately needs them. The current team consists of highly specialized people who are very talented and are constantly learning new APIs, frameworks and methods to build advanced tools. It is possible for the right candidate to negotiate working remotely. Good communicators – self starters – self educated – able to put pride aside for the group: you folks step to the front!

Equal Opportunity. No bias against the unemployed. Extremely cool people to work with. Help us disrupt a market place stuck in time 15 years ago with new technology. Competitive benefits. Sane management. Excellent opportunity for the right people.

Skills you could build with us:

  • Clojure
  • Datomic
  • Storm Distributed Applications
  • HTML5 Applications
  • Reactive Extensions
  • Machine Learning
  • Probability, Statistics, Calculus, Geometry, Combinatorics, Linear Algebra, Analytical Thinking, Psychology
  • Alternatively you could also teach US something!

To contact me directly about this position write to peter[at]

I will write back to everyone who responds. Thanks!


  1. How should interested candidates contact you?

  2. Totally forgot to put a contact address!


  3. Weird…. seems my own interests… 😉 

  4. Serge Tarkovski says:

    Hi! I’m highly interesting – could you please contact me via, our just let know how to contact you. Thanks.

  5. I’m likewise very interested in this job. Clojure is my favourite ‘hobby’ language. To get actually paid for programming in it is a bit of a dream. Please contact me.

  6. Antoine R. Dumont says:


  7. i’d be interested. played a little with datomic and storm as part of couple of products i’m building. pls feel free to contact me @

  8. Andrew Babian says:

    Actually in Nashville? I’m in Memphis, so that’s not so far for me. Im interested in all those technologies. You want to use Datomic? It’s such an unusual choice, but Hickey makes such a strong case. You list a bunch of simple branches of math, though. I will grant that Clojure is great for mathematical projects, as I’ve done maybe 100 of the project Euler problems with it. But I’m not sure what sorts of problems you are talking about working on. And psychology? Interesting subject. But no AI? seems like with computer stuff and pyschology, they would go together. Experienced programmer, yada yada. Send me a note. Google me, whatever. andi babian

    • I don’t consider it AI. We aren’t at the point where anything we have been able to create amounts to AI. However we have created some very interesting systems that can do a reasonable job at a lot of intellectual tasks. Most of that work is in the hands of Governments. We need to apply it to civilian applications. Creating more justice in the legal system is achievable with this approach. Write me at if you have further questions. Everyone who has given me contact information will be reached out to over the next week. There has been an excellent response to this.

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