New version of Light Table is out

The new version of Light Table is out. It seems to be moving along in the right direction. If you are interested in learning Clojure this is a fantastic REPL to use. It may end up being a full IDE for the language, given the effort going into it. We will have to see if the guys who demand to do Clojure programming in EMACS can make the leap. If you are not an EMACS fan, like myself, then it offers a new alternative to Eclipse with Counter Clockwise. That is my current IDE and REPL of choice. I think Light Table is quite good looking, though, and offers less  interference with coding than Eclipse does, presently. By that I mean all the possible ways Eclipse can have issues with context, plugins, complex settings and so forth.



  1. sai rinkai says:

    How do you use ligtht table? I am unable to execute any project, I don’t even know how to do anything besides connecting to a project… A small starter tutorial would be great.

  2. Light Table is basically a fancy REPL. You can work with it live and see evaluation values live. As a learning tool for Clojure I think its easily one of the best out there. Here are some videos to watch. Chris Granger is a developer to watch. I think he is going to have a major impact on programming in general.

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