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Interactive Data Visualization, Free online

This looks like a really decent book. At the price it is worth at least browsing. If you really like it you can purchase the ebook version of it as well. Interactive Data Visualization I like presenting free material like this. There are a lot of people looking for intellectual self improvement who are without […]


Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Field

My latest public paper is about the current debate about Artificial Intelligence and the issues of risk, ethics, and values. I started thinking about this subject last March and made some progress on the concept over the summer. Then the big AI debate exploded with Elon Musk’s now-deleted slide about the dangers of AI. I […]


Cicayda and Cumberland Law School deal

(Taken from PRWire) In perfect step with cicayda‘s premium delivery of software and services in eDiscovery, cicayda announces the opening of the eDiscovery Institute & Review Center at Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, Alabama. The eDiscovery Institute & Review Center marks an historic, immediate step into the future of legal education and […]


Elementary Algorithms free eBook published

Xinyu Liu, aka Larry, has just completed a book on Elementary Algorithms he has been working on for 6 years. It is pretty good, as far into it as I have read. I think it needs wider distribution since it’s free and he needs word of mouth to get exposure. It’s a generous gift he […]

Jackie Robinson scores his first home run in Major League Baseball. April 18, 1947, Polo Grounds in a game against the New York Giants. Also in the photo are Tommy Tatum (17) and Walker Cooper (5).

The Anti-Index

The hardest thing I’ve worked on at cicayda is probably the most important tool a lawyer could have. To put it in the most simple terms it is the anti-index. It’s the opposite of what information science spent 60 years developing. An index takes a concept keyword and finds documents that contain it. An anti-index […]

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About Nectarine Imp

Nectarine Imp is Peter Mancini. That's me. It has been said I go from conversational to esoteric in about 30 seconds. That makes me a bit opaque at times. However once I know you are lost I can use one of my strengths which is to make technically hard issues intelligible.
As a technologist I am always looking to solve problems from the experience of the person facing them.I will bring my understanding of what technology brings to bear given the nature of any problem or difficult workflow experience. I will figure out how technology can improve that process.
I've spent years working with both civilian and government to help them solve big data problems. Finding the so-called pain points and working to ease them has great benefit for nearly any organization. Let me help you take advantage of the new revolution in analytical tools.
I am also the inventor of Dynamic Sentiment Understanding, a new way of looking at sentiment in language. This technology differs vastly from what is currently in the market today. It takes the conversation and divides it up by groups. It looks at the conversations the groups are having on topics and discovers the distance between them. There is no reliance on determining an artificial and arbitrary sentiment score of a particular word, or document. It looks for effective sentiment. Contact me for more details.
Current projects: Working on eDiscovery for Early Case Analysis at Cicayda. The legal field is encountering #BigData issues and needs #NLproc help. There are several solutions out there already. My take falls in line with my theories that enhancing analysts is better than creating autonomous systems. Existing legal workflow forms the framework on which natural language processing is added to assist the analyst in the work they are doing without adding additional work or getting in the way.